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CARBONTEST® is an innovative method which allows to carry out measurement of the depth of carbonation in reinforced concrete structures following the procedure laid down by the Standard UNI 9944:1992.

kit carbontestCARBONTEST® kit introduces a new method of sampling, which is based on collecting the powder during a perforation carried out using a common percussion drill. A collecting device (picker), designed in careful detail to optimize the powder flow, has been developed to implement the method. Proper designing of the collection container allows to analyze the powder, making use of the chemical colour change of phenolphthalein in a quick and accurate manner.

The collection tool for the sample to be analyzed is especially light, handy and portableso as to allow analysis by a single operator without needing specialized technical help.
The possibility of performing independently both the collection of the powder produced by perforation of the concrete item and the later analysis of the powdered material, simplifies the traditional analysis procedure and makes it especially cost effective and usable for a vast number of structures.


CARBONTEST®Kit has been designed so as to contain all the material needed to carry out the test. For the collection phase, one need only have a traditional percussion drill. To re-process the measurements, the CARBONTEST® Report software s an indispensable tool, since simple introduction of the data collected during the investigation allows to establish the true evolution of the decay, and the estimate of residual life of the structure.


The CARBONTEST® Kit equipment complete with accessories and options includes:

Carbontest case n°1 Case 39x34x14 cm made of coloured polypropylene.
Strong but light, it can house all the equipment needed to carry out the collection and analysis.
Carbontest picker_2 n°1 Picker to collect the powder.
The bottom part of the ring ends in a funnel leading the powder into the relevant test tube.
Carbontest test tube n°25 Test tubes made of styrene acrylonitrile 18 cm long and with an inside passing width of 9 mm.
The transparent container comes with a special thin cut along the generator of the container which lets through the chemical reagent while keeping the powder inside.
Carbontest measuring ruler n°1 measuring Ruler with graded notches in cm and inches, designed to fit into the hole and to measure the powder collected in the test tube.
Carbontest phenofltaleina n°1 Bottle 1% alcoholic solution of phenolphthalein , featuring a reaction range between pH 8,3 and pH 10,0 which determines a colour change to pink of the powder not affected by carbonation.
Carbontest Pasteur pipette n°1 Pasteur pipette which makes it simple and easy to place the phenolphthalein along the thin cut of the test tube.
Carbontest universal plaster n°1 Cartridge of universal plaster for cement, 250 gr, suitable for smooth surfaces and for sealing the collection hole.
Grey colour, it can be polished and painted for indoors and outdoors application with temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.
n°1 Scientific carbonation text.

“Carbonation corrosion in reinforced concrete structures” which analyzes the main causes and the phenomena governing the evolution and spread of carbonation in reinforced concrete structures. In Italian.

Carbontest block of survey sheets n°1 Block of Survey sheets specially designed and studied in order to be used when performing the survey.
These sheets can be used to write down the key information at the point of collection and the measurements made for each test.
Software Carbontest Report CARBONTEST® Report, a processing software for making out a technical report, organizing the results of the collection in summary sheets and setting up diagrams of propagation of carbonation in order to forecast the remaining life of the structure being analyzed.

Guide to installing and compiling the report software.

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