Carbontest picker CARBONTEST® is the innovation in establishing the depth of carbonation. It affords the possibility of collecting concrete samples and analyzing them with phenolphthalein independently and without any need for specialized help. A unique method, incomparably efficient, simple, quick to perform and cost effective..

Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, when it gets into contact with the concrete of buildings, starts off chemical reactions in the material which tends to reduce its performance features. It is an invisible and often underrated phenomenon, since it is confused with other better known ones. It starts the formation of damage which may interfere with the durability of the structure. The quick and cost-effective CARBONTEST® method allows to evaluate in a precise manner the decay of the reinforced concrete. Through a new and innovative sampling method based on the collection of powder during perforation using a percussion drill, it estimates the residual life of the structure and plans any maintenance operations, in compliance with the UNI 9944:1992 standard of reference. CARBONTEST® Report is the software for guided drawing up of the technical report which organizes in summary charts the measurements recorded during the collection and builds the carbonation propagation diagrams. Complete processing of the information provides a detailed and highly professional document in .docx format which the user may further customize.