CarbontestCARBONTEST® is the outcome of continuous and lasting cooperation between the academic and the business world. Prof. Roberto Felicetti, professor at the Milan Polytechnic, and Tecnoindagini Srl, diagnostic center for construction, have brought university developments and research together with the requirements and needs of the market. This union has given birth to CARBONTEST®, the method of investigation which has brought about a revolution in measuring the depth of carbonation in reinforced concrete structures.


Tecnoindagini Srl

Tecnoindagini Srl is the Diagnostic Center for construction: a center with all the diagnostic skills to carry out all types of checks on new and existing buildings.

The in-depth knowledge of the causes and risks linked to the deterioration of buildings has allowed it to become a unique diagnostic reality of its kind and recognized at a national level. Over 15 years in the field, thousands of constructions analysed, patented analysis methods. Tecnoindagini is also a laboratory authorized by the Ministry, and thanks to its know-how, it has also been a consultant to the Superior Council of Public Works and the Ministry of Infrastructure for the training and development of the Institutional Agreement relating to School Buildings.

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Company Data

PI e CF 06383520969
Company Headquarters: Via Monte Sabotino, 14 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI)
Office of the Record of enterprises of MILAN
Registration Number 1888923
Company capital entirely paid out Euro 90.000,00

Prof. Ing. Roberto Felicetti

Associate professor at the Milan Polytechnic, he teaches Construction Techniques at the faculty of Architecture, Fire resistance of materials and structures and Structural Diagnostics at the faculty of Civil Engineering. His research involves the mechanical characterization of concrete, experimentation with structures, resistance to fire and non destructive methods of investigation.
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